Car Valeting in Carlisle

Car Valeting is often confused with Car Detailing.  At Black Magic Detailing in Carlisle, we offer a range of Carlisle Car Detailing packages which go beyond the simple valet offered by many of our competitors.  Our work uses only the highest quality detailing products on the market, to bring a finish above and beyond a wash and wax, leaving your vehicle looking like new whilst protecting your car from the elements for much longer.
Car Valeting in Carlisle, Cumbria
Car Valeting Company Near Me in Carlisle, Cumbria

Car Valeting Services and pricing

Here at Black Magic in Carlisle, we never hand polish vehicles: all vehicles through our shop receive at least 1 stage in machine polishing and paintwork is always sealed. All full and exterior details receive this service to the paintwork including a wax sealant.

Interior details and full details are cleaned using our powerful shampoo extraction machine. Finishing touches are done using the highest of quality products and materials.

Professional Car Detailing in Carlisle

Mini Detail

Our mini detail is anything but!

  • Small & Medium - £75 (3 hours average)
  • Large (estate) & X Large - £100 (4 hours average)
Professional Full Car Detailing in Carlisle

Full Detail

It really doesn’t get much better, more expensive than the valet company down the road but a difference you can truly see and results that last!

  • Small & Medium - £175 (7 hours average)
  • Large (estate)- £200 (8 hours average)
  • X Large - £225 (8+ hours average)
Professional Car Exterior Detailing in Carlisle

Exterior Detail

3 in 1 machine polish, Cut, Gloss & wax sealant: Will remove light to medium swirls depending on the clear coat hardness.
Results you can see!

  • Small & Medium - £150 (average 5 hours)
  • Large (estate) & X Large - £175 (average 6 hours)
Professional Car Interior Detailing in Carlisle

Interior Detail

These can sometimes take 1 person a full day to complete. Cleaned using our powerful shampoo extraction machine. Finished with a selection of high-end products.

  • Small & Medium - £100 (average 3-4 hours)
  • Large (estate) £125 (average 4-5 hours)
  • X Large - £150 (average 5-6 hours)

Why Choose Black Magic?

There are many reasons why you would choose to use Black Magic Car Detailing in Carlisle above our competitors. As the leading car detailers in Carlisle, we have built our reputation on always producing the highest quality of work and having an unrivalled commitment to delivering customer satisfaction. Added to our lengthy and invaluable experience of more than 14 years in the automotive industry, and we believe Black Magic is the only decision to get the very best for your car.

We offer a range of car valeting services in Carlisle, offering options for all types of vehicles and budgets. We are also Carlisle's only official applicator of Ceramic Pro, the world’s leading ceramic car coating product.

For a free, no obligation quote or estimation, get in touch with Black Magic today.

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